Minimap is displayed as a black square. [Fixed in v2.0.1]

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Issue Description

During gameplay the minimap display is blank. This can happen repeatedly switching between a blank box and the minimap at irregular intervals.


This is caused by an issue in the Coherent GT middleware which renders the UI for War for the Overworld in versions 2.0 and above.

Current Status : Resolved Internally

We have been working with our middleware provider to resolve these issues. This issue should be resolved in an upcoming release. We have deployed several workarounds in v2.0 hotfixes to help combat this issue.


If your Minimap is displaying as black it should restore itself within a few seconds, if this does not occur or you wish to restore the map instantly opening the pause menu (ESC) should restore the map.


This issue should be resolved in the upcoming v2.0.1 release.

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