Other players cannot see or join my Multiplayer Game

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Port-Forwarding & Firewalls

If other players are unable to see or join your Multiplayer games it suggests that your router or personal firewall is blocking connections to your computer/WFTO.

You can find a full article on this topic in the knowledge base.

Known Issue: Network Adapter Priority

Due to a limitation in the Unity Netcode it is not possible for the game to search for multiplayer matches across multiple Network Adapters. By default the game will attempt to discover games only via the top priority adapter.

If you have multiple network adapters (particularly virtual ones such as VMWare or Hamachi) then you may need to increase the priority of these adapters. For instructions on that you can see the Microsoft Knowledge-base.

Please be aware that it is currently not possible to change Network Adapter Priority on Windows 10 due a bug. If changing priority does not work or is impossible to do then you may need to disable unnecessary adapters until your LAN adapter is top priority.

Potential Workaround

As of Patch 1.4.2, we have implemented a feature which will allow players to directly connect to a specific IP Address. If you know the IP you are attempting to connect to then you can enter it via the Direct connect feature.

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