Steamworks not Initialized

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Occasionally, when launching the game Steamworks DRM will fail to connect with the game, preventing the game from loading. If this happens please follow these steps.

The most common solution is to ensure that the steam client is running, and then launch the game directly through it.

If that does not solve the issue then rebooting the computer may help.

If you are still experiencing the issue then ensure that your Antivirus program has both Steam and the WFTO game listed in it's exclusion list.
If the above steps don't help then you may have to uninstall and reinstall Steam Client.

Some users have found that Bad Sectors can be linked to this issue, following this guide can help you to find out if your drive contains bad sectors.

In incredibly rare cases this is an issue with a faulty WinSock configuration.

If this is the case for you, you can try this guide on how to solve this issue. We do not recommend attempting this without advanced knowledge of the Windows Operating System

A possible, albeit sub-par, workaround is to play the game with Steam in Offline Mode.

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