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Below are some common debug steps that should be taken before opening a bug ticket as they will solve the issue in most cases

Case 1: The game is crashing before the WFTO Logo splash appears

This issue occurs when the automatic installation of the .NET framework failed. This software is required for WFTO to launch. 

Try manually installing the correct .NET framework from the Microsoft website

Case 2: Black Screen after WFTO Splash

This issue is caused by out of date operating systems. To correct this, simply install any pending updates you may have for your OS. You can do this by opening the start menu in Windows and typing "Windows Update". Linux users should take extra care to meet all of the requirements in our System Requirements

Following this guide will help: Black Screen on Startup

Case 3: Game crashes during play

Some users have found that by disabling Screen Space Ambient Obscurance and Anti-Aliasing as well as running on lowest Texture Quality can prevent crashes during gameplay.

The best thing to do it delete the Options.txt found at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\War For The Overworld\WFTOGame_Data\GameData"

Case 4: Anti-Virus false positive

Some Antiviruses has a heuristic algorithm that detects WFTO as malicious, this is a false positive that to our knowledge only affects a small portion of users. If your antivirus software is running you may find that your WFTO fails to launch or crashes on start-up.

  1. Disable your Antivirus to see if WFTO now runs
  2. If so then add an exception for WFTO and it's folder contents in the steam library

Case 5: Unknown Crash

Below are some generic steps to take before you submit a bug report.

Step 1: Restart your PC

It is incredibly important that you follow this step so that we can fully rule out the issue being caused by a fault on your PC

Step 2: Verify game cache

Sometimes following an update it is possible for the game to become corrupted. Running a simple Steam verification can resolve these corrupted files.

  1. Right click War for the Overworld in your Steam Library
  2. Open the Properties Dialog
  3. Select the "Local Files" Tab
  4. Click "Verify Integrity of Steam Cache"

Step 3: Reinstall War for the Overworld

If all of the above has failed the final solution is to attempt a full reinstall of War for the Overworld to do this you will need to delete all your files via the Steam Client. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Right click War for the Overworld in your Steam Library
  2. Open the Properties Dialog
  3. Select the "Local Files" Tab
  4. Click "Delete Local Game Content"
  5. Reinstall the Game via the normal method

If all else has failed then please submit a bug report directly to us via our War for the Overworld Bug Tracker be sure to follow all the guidelines on how to report a bug.

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