Win32 IO returned 1224 crash at startup

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Issue Description

When attempting to load the game a critical error will occur stating that Win32 IO returned 1224. This prevents the game from loading.


This can occur if another process is using the file that Unity is accessing when the game launches. The process that is using the file (most commonly Options.txt) prevents Unity from loading it via the Windows IO framework, the result is the game failing to load.

Current Status

We are unsure of the exact cause, but we are confident that it is not caused directly by any process in the game, and as such not currently investigating the cause. We Recommend all afflicted users to follow the work around steps. If the workaround does not correct the issue for you please submit a bug ticket and we will assist you further.


The following steps should correct this issue

  1. Set the game to run as administrator by right clicking on the game executable and ticking run as administrator in the compatibility tab
  2. Navigate to ~/Steam/steamapps/common/War For The Overworld/WFTOGame_Data/GameData and delete the Options.txt file.
  3. Add an exception for the WFTO directory to your antivirus.

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