Game does not start. Crash after splash screen on start up. [Windows 10 - 10th Gen Intel Iris Laptop, Microsoft Surface 7]

Date First Logged: April 6th 2020

Updated: November 6th 2020

Current Status: Under Investigation - Workaround Verified

Issue Description

While Connected to the Internet, after launching the game the splash screen appears as the game launches. This disappears almost immediately and the game does not launch. The WFTO Icon either does not appear on the taskbar or disappears at the same time. 

There is no crash report generated. It appears as though the program was closed by a third-party software.

Verified Workaround - Offline Play

Several users have reported that while they are disconnected from the internet they are able to play the game as normal. While this is certainly not ideal it does allow users to play the game without interruption. To disable your internet connection:

Wifi Connections

  1. If available, activate your device's "Airplane Mode" this will temporarily disable your device's wifi adapter
  2. Otherwise temporarily disable your wifi adapter or disconnect from your wifi network

Wired Connections

  1. Unplug your devices cabled connection
  2. If this is not convenient then you can disable the appropriate ethernet adapter via control panel.

    In the event that this workaround helps you we would still like to know if you have been affected by this issue. Please raise a ticket indicating that you are affected by this issue and the workaround above did or did not help to address your issue.

    Cause & Details

    The exact cause for this issue is unknown. But it appears to only occur when the device is connected to the internet. We have been made aware that other older Unity Engine games (Dreamfall Chapters) have also been affected by this issue.

    • All reports from currently affected users indicate that Windows based laptop systems with new 10th Generation Intel Core Mobile CPUs, including Razor, Dell and Microsoft Surface brands are affected. 
    • There are no reports of desktop systems affected.
    • This issue is present regardless of whether Intel Iris is the only available GPU or an additional discrete Nvidia GPU or EGPU is available.

    Our current working theory is that there is an incompatibility with these new Intel Mobile CPUs and some third-party middleware in use in War for the Overworld or the Unity Engine version that WFTO is built upon, it is believed that this may be related to some online authentication taking place in some software. 

    • Unfortunately the debug reports generated by Unity yield no clues currently as the engine itself seems to close almost immediately before useful reports can be gathered.
    • It is our belief that the Intel Iris GPU included in 10th Gen Mobile Intel CPUs may be the root cause. This GPU has adversely affected users on Mac OS X in the past and currently we have not received any reports of affected Desktop systems which do not feature this GPU.

    Having experimented with several potential workarounds we believe that we have found one which works for all affected users. See Above.

    As WFTO is currently in maintenance mode and our team is occupied on other projects we have not yet had a solid stretch of time for our programming team to investigate in more detail and we currently have no systems which are affected. 

    We are planning to investigate this issue further in the coming months and are collecting reports in the meantime.


    If the above workarounds do not yield results for this issue we are advising that customers seek a refund from the store they purchased the game from once they have reported the issue to us. In your report please include the following:

    If possible we would also like to ask you to check your Windows Event Manager to see if there are any Application Error Events if so please include the report for us.

    1. Type Event Viewer into Windows search and then launch the Event Viewer
    2. Open the Windows Logs > Application view
    3. Look for an Error or Information level event at the time you launched War for the Overworld. It will likely name Source as WFTOGame
    4. Click the event and in the right hand menu click "Save Selected Events..."
    5. Give it a name and click save.
    6. On the Display Information window ensure English (United Kingdom) is enabled. 
      1. Click "Show all available Languages"
      2. From the list check English (United Kingdom)

    Once you have submitted your report please feel free to submit a refund to your store. We humbly apologise for the inconvenience and will endeavour to alert you if we find a solution or workaround to your issue.


    2020-Nov-06 - Added details of a verified workaround and updated descriptions based on current knowledge.

    Crash Workaround

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