Black Screen on Startup on Linux & Windows (Post 2.0 Update)

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Issue Description

Upon launching the game and following the splash screen the game presents only with a black image. There is no UI nor other graphics and appears to be frozen, must be closed with Alt+F4.


This is caused by missing dependencies for the Coherent GT middle-ware which is responsible for rendering the UI used by War for the Overworld. We upgraded to Coherent GT for v2.0 and users may be required to upgrade their dependencies to account for this.

Current Status

Following our investigations we've identified the missing dependencies. To resolve this issue affected users will need to ensure they have the correct dependent software installed. This can be found below.


Windows Systems

On Windows 7 ensure that your have a minimum of Windows 7SP1 installed, this should only require a simple Windows Update to achieve.

On systems running Windows 8 or above please ensure that your copy of Windows is fully up to date.

You can do both of these by running Windows Update

Linux Systems

Ensure you have the following dependencies installed on your system:

  • glibc 2.14 or later
  • libstdc++6 or later
  • GCC 4.9 or later
  • Only the latest video card drivers are supported
  • OpenGL 3.0 support is required

In particular users are often missing GCC 4.9 or above. Instructions can be found here.

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