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Units do not work in rooms they are assigned to

elbaggetto 7 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 7 years ago 12 1 duplicate

This happens pretty frequently with witch doctors and succubi - I think it has something to do with assigning them to rooms via dropping them into them. Drop a succubi into the torture chamber with a couple of captives on torture racks set to corrupt and they will maybe corrupt a few, but sooner or later they will refuse to interact with the room at all. I've seen a succubi with needs all at 80+ and ecstatic mood doing nothing when dropped into the room, and witch doctors will do the same.

The only way to avoid it is to not drop units into the rooms to work and to just leave them to wander in there in their own time.

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hello Oimel

did you perchance enlarge your sanctuary in the game (eg. built it, channeled a ritual or mor and then made it bigger)

if not did you save after or before the bug appeared? a save file would bring us a lot of information


"did you perchance enlarge your sanctuary in the game..."

no i didnt . i clear all my area from earth and brimstone ,then build rooms untill my gold is empty , then i want the cultist to create gold to build more rooms ,but after the 3-4 ritual he dont do it again ,he just idle, eat and sleep ,even if i put him in the sanctuary (and when i hover with the hand over him ,he is assigned to that room) he dont work .so im out of money and cant build rooms or a bridge to get to the enemy area.

"if not did you save after or before the bug appeared?"

no, it happend very early in the game( before the first fight) , so no need to save before the bug for me , and i dont wanted to save after the bug ;) .

"a save file would bring us a lot of information"

how would u get my save file? have i to poste it here ,or do u know which account is mine and find it alone?

i could play the level again ( i played it 2 times and the bug came again) and save ,but i dont know where my save files are and how to post it here or somewhere.

(send me links how i can do it.sorry im a german gamer ,20 jears out of school ,and not good in english or these internet things)

the home realm (where my succubus(es) had the "same" problem[dont work but walk around and eat,sleep...]) was a old savegame which i started again after HoG update.

i didnt test it but i think the cultist would bug in home realm too

thanks for your time


i played the HoG level again and made a savegame. this time the crackpot didnt brew potions , but after some minutes he startet

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we have a report regarding Witchdoctors and this however the succubus is new. As this has been reported i will probably end up merging your thread into the other one.

thanks for your input though its helpful


this is indeed an issue propping up more often i will have to send this to the coders.

your savegame is located here:

X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\your user ID\230190\remote

if any of you encountering this could upload a savegame it would really help us out, thanks in advance :)

This definately has something to do with payment - someone on the steam forums mentioned that the behaviour went away after dropping the problem creature in the treasure room, that does seem to work. As far as I can tell they don't pick up any gold, they just stand on top of a pile of it for a little while then run off to do actual work.

thats a really good pointer !

thanks Elbaggetto i will check this out.

Just got confirmation from one of the Dev's over Steam that this has been fixed.

Yes if this report is about the same issue as reported here:
then it is fixed indeed :)