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crash report

Rax 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 13

windows 10 home
6,00 GB
Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
the build is 1.3.2f3

Had a crash on this map:


was asked to send it




(There should be a place for crashes)

Game Version:
Steam Public

Hello Rax,
can you elaborate when this crash happened?
Was it in the middle or on ending a level?
Was there anything specific you did in both cases before the crash occured?

Thanks in advance for some more details.

i was in the middle of a game and there was a lot of stuff going on movement, sound and animation.

Hrm this gives us not many pointers, each crash happened in some internals of Unity (the game engien we use),
so I wonder how much this is our or their code crashing here.

Did you encounter it more often or only twice so far?

It might help to narrow down the root cause if you upload more logs in case it happens again with a short text when it happened.
I know this sounds cumbersome, but so far it seems to be something under the roof of Unity and I am curious how it is triggered.

It happend 2 in one day.

2016-01-29_173318 the second one

2016-01-29_143126 the first one

Crashes have happend before, but i expected it, because there was a lot of stuff going on in the game.













Do you by any chance use an USB audio device to hear the games sound? (when it crashed)

OK that might be the culprit, the Unity version we use is known to crash randomly due to a false handling of USB audio devices.
When you are playing the game with your USB audio device,
can you make two things sure:
1) The USB device is setup as system default audio device: http://www.plantronics.com/asia/support/kb/detail.jsp?vfurl=/articles/en_US/How_To/Computer-Headsets-How-to-Set-the-Headset-as-the-Default-Audio-Device&c=All&lang=en_US®ion=asia
2) The USB device is set as stereo device: under Control Panel -> Sound -> "Your USB audio device" -> Configure

As far as we know this fixes the problem with Unity so the device can be used without a good chance of crashing.
So I hope you wont suffer such crashes in future.
Please let us know if it helped or not.

Seemed to haved helped (lags some times like usual, but dosnt crash).

Let's wait a couple of days but I am well disposed it is fixed.
Let us know if any crash does still happen, otherwise we might complete this report in a few days.

Since no further crahses were reported and the crashes were likely caused by the known Unity bug related to USB audio.
I think we can close this report.

Completed - Resolved