How To: Generate Debug Files for Bugs

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Debug files provide critical information that may help us identify and fix issues that you report to us. In most cases we will ask you to provide these key files

These files contain:

  • A Save Game made at the moment the command is inputted
  • Your 3 most recent autosaves
  • Your progression data (The Player Profile)
  • A log file containing outputs from the game's debug tools
  • A screenshot taken of the state of the game when the input is given

All data is anonymised.

Step by Step

While the game is running, and as recent to the issue as possible (ideally with it currently ongoing)

  1. Pause the Game
  2. Input Ctrl + Shift + F7, this will generate your debug files
  3. Locate your Debug .zip Files, these will be located at:
    1. C:\Users\{User Name}\AppData\LocalLow\Brightrock Games\Galacticare
    2. Your debug files will be in zip file named "Galacticare Debug Save" plus the time and date the files were generated

Please note that generating these files can take up to a minute depending on your machine's hardware.

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