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Give access aspects at the bottom, if the top 2 are blocked by the mutators.

The description in this thread. 2 problems, the main - should not be blocking aspects that are not explicitly blocked by the mutators. And a minor problem (visual) - there should be bars on the aspects that are available to study.

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Checked, it works.

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Thanks for the report, sending through.

May be tough to work in. I had thought about this back when we implemented this mutator set and my conclusion was that if player's cause the veins to become blocked that's on them.

Will discuss it anyway and see if we can come up with a solution.

Just make available the top free (not blocked by the mutator) aspect of mine.

And the following 2 aspects below, do available if researched aspect at the top.

Somewhat breaks the way the veins are intended to work though as it could allow players to access the most powerful aspects ​(Such as Garrison, Foundry+, Assembly, Eternal) much quicker than intended. Requires some design input on this.

If possible perhaps some placeholder for sins could appear in a blocked tier? Which allows you to unlock the next tier at the cost of a sin. Josh Bishop

I guess obvious to everyone that the blocking aspects in the vein of evil accelerates moving down on it (because less of the sins to study). Don't see anything wrong with that, it is a conscious change with the use of a mutator.

Josh Bishop
It requires further design discussion to resolve this issue.
The other ticket cares about the opposite case "Not giving the player row progress yet for not yet reachable aspects"
Here the requested behaviour is "give progress to reach every pre-unlocked aspect"
Both approaches contradict each other.
And the other issue is that users can block their own progress down the Veins of Evil, by banning so many early aspects that not enough progress can be made to get to later aspects.

The question is how much we consider such "self-locks" as user error or if we want to avoid them by design.

I assigned this ticket back to you for clearification,


Banned aspects should behaved exactly as pre-unlocked aspects in VoE.


Alright every banned aspect gives now progress once reachable due to unlocks.
To be released next patch.