Chapter 8 not progressing

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Hello there, folks at Brightrock and associates!

I'm currently playing Chapter 8 (One Species' Trash...) and while I've completed all objectives (At least, that I am physically able to), my game refuses to give me any cue on how to progress anymore, and I fear progression has stalled altogether.

The side objective known as "Salvage Mission" never gave me any instructions to follow, instead being essentially an empty tab on the objectives overview. So I figured I may as well keep on the other objectives until something triggered it.

By now, I have completed everything I can, but seeing as no canister-bots or battery-bots appear to be spawning and my only remaining objective is to activate both remaining unavailable sectors of the hospital (for which I lack said battery-bots) I'm currently unable to progress.

Thank you for your time!

Debug files included.

Galacticare Debug Save Tuesday, May 28,

Dominik Customer Support
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Hey Michel! Thank you for reporting a problem with your chapter 8 not progressing as it should. I will forward your report to our team for investigation and will update you as soon as I get any news! 

I appreciate your patience while this is being looked into!