Fails to load a savegame on level 7 - Heart Attack

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I just played the singleplayer campaign level Heart Attack yesterday and was around 1 hour into the game when I saved it and quit the game.

Today when I tried to load up the level to continue playing I got an error stating "Object reference not set to an instance for an object".

I have collected as much information as I can:

Windows 10 Enterprise x64



2x GTX 970 (running in SLI configuration)

Game build: 1.3.1f5

Included: Crash report, output log and some screenshots.

After the error message when loading the game ( Error when loading game), I'm returned to the main screen which now lack some background graphics. See screenshot: Screenshot

Thanks in advance!


Output log

Crash report

Game Version:
Steam Public

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Stefan Furcht

Hello Dark,
first of all thank you for this excellent bug report.
It contains all information one could wish to track down a problem.
This is not self-evident nowadays :)

I have loaded your save game and got the exact same behaviour.
The warning popup is there to prevent the game from crashing when something went utterly wrong.
As far I could figure you saved your game with something in your hand which died/was destroyed before you saved.
While this case can happen under rare circumstances, it is handled correctly while just playing the game.
But the deserialization routine was not able to handle data stored in this odd state and was thus trying to access a null reference.

We have now fixed that such cases can cause issues with save games.
A patch removing the issue should come in a couple of days.

However I was able to "repair" your save game.
After fixing the issue locally i quickly dropped what you had in your hand and saved again, so that this issue is circumvented.
Simply put it into the folder where you took the other save games, then quit+restart steam
and you should find it in load menu "Campaign" under "Dark 7 fixed loading issue".
Here are the files:

Cheers and Thank you for reporting :)

Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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Hey V0id!

Thanks alot for the quick help and fix! :D Awesome work.

You're absolutely right, you just triggered my mind in regards to "something in my hand".

I remember now that I was holding two hellfire potions (if I remember it correctly, I'll check when I get home) and I had some trouble using them (still new to this game), so all in all the potions were never used, at least to my knowledge.

It was late and so I decided to just save the game and go to bed. I still had those two potions in my hand when I saved the game.

Thats probably what caused the issue.

I really glad that you were able to fix my savegave, so I wont have to start over! Cheers m8.

Best regards


Stefan Furcht

Hey Dark,
The hellfire poition can only be used in your area of influence (your claimed land + 1 tile around not owned by the enemy)
and only if there is at least one destroyable block in 1 tile range around the drop spot.
When you drop it it will massively damage or destroy blocks in 1 tile range.
Limitted ways to drop it but it is quite powerful.

However to get a rid of potions in your hand, you can always put them back to empty cauldrons in your alchemy lab.
This also works by dropping potions on the cauldron slab in the potion tab, so you not need to pan your view back to the alechemy lab. In this case it will randomly find an empty cauldron to put it back.