Crash on saving a game

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2018-04-25_132544.zip2018-04-25_173626.zipGame crashes while saving, if I try to save under a new save name it fails to save and crashes while trying to reuse a save causes the existing save to be deleted and then crashes.

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Steam Public
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Hey visualmercer, 

Are you able to make a save at all? What map is this occurring on?


It is happening on Level 12, I have a save part way through the level (I have attached it) and if I load the save and then try to save it crashes.


I think I have a similar problem, but the game does not crash. It just hangs during saving.

Game Version: Steam Public

Platform: Windows 10 x64

Ram: 8GB

CPU: i5-6600

GPU: GTX 960

This happened to me on both level 10 and level 12. The similarities were:
1. loading from a save that lasted more than one hour

2. the game hanged immediately when I tried to save after loading this save (from 1). This problem never happened if I did not load the save. (since this was not the last save)

3. have CPU and I/O usage on Steam.exe and WFTOGame.exe when the game hanged

Output Log: output_log.txt

Save file (level 12): 12 snowslip down subjugation_2018042618125312 snowslip down subjugation_20180426181253.meta

P.S. I can submit a new ticket if you request me to do so.

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There are some serious errors in the log there that we will look to resolve.

Martin Poláček


i have similar issue as described above by JasonCMK in heart of gold maps which im playing at the moment. After longer period of playing game stop responding during saving (or before saving because no save is created). If i turn off autosave and play whole level in one go, game hangs after level objective is completed (happened to me in level where you fill up 1m gold for colosus). I havent had these problems in normal campaign back in december.

Game Version: Steam Public

Platform: Windows 8 x64

Ram: 8GB

CPU: i5-4670 @ 3,4ghz

GPU: GTX 760

Output Log: output_log.txt

Let me know should u need any additional info.

Bartosz Głowacki

Hello guys i have this problem too! It's always crushing when you want to save, and if you want to overwrite save it will be deleted. Maybe it's cause of many loading i dont know...

[Dev] Nanorock Programmer
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Any idea when the patch will be released? It's still crashing for me at the moment on saving certain games.

Stefan Furcht

I am not allowed to say anything official, but if nothing goes wrong, you can expect it in about two weeks from now.