Campaing mode - End of Level - Crash

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chash reports

Windows 10 x64

8Gb of RAM

Intel Core i5 4670


WFTO v1.3.2f3

I'ts happen almost every time I end a Campaign Level, in the end while the narrator is speaking the game shuts down (But save the finished level), and the narrator continues to speak.

Game Version:
Steam Public
Stefan Furcht Programmer

Hello Emanuel Araújo,
are you using an USB audio device to hear the games sound? (when it crashed)
In this case can you make two things sure:
1) The USB device is setup as system default audio device:®ion=asia
2) The USB device is set as stereo device: under Control Panel -> Sound -> "Your USB audio device" -> Configure

The Unity version we use is known to crash randomly when playing with an USB device not setup in this way.

I hope this helps.
Please let us know if you are not using an USB audio device, which would mean it has a different cause.

Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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Emanuel Araújo
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No usb audio just onbord realtek sound.

Stefan Furcht Programmer

Hrm there must be a different issue even if it looks like the USB device issue, but it is unusual.
I can assure such kind of crash is rare and likely system specific, but still it seems to be a Unity issue.
At least the stack traces of all the crashes do always end in Unity internals.
In seldom cases something like this was caused by antivirus or security software (so far only AVG Antivirus, do you use it?).
Could you try if adding an exception for WFTO.exe to your AV software does fix the problem?

Or do you use a firewall which might try stop the game from synchronizing with steam and it crashes in consequence?

Otherwise it might be something new we have not yet seen so far.

Stefan Furcht Programmer

Also in which resolution you play the game? If it is 4K resolution this can also cause issues.

Jan - Eric Merzel
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declined due to not getting enough information