Titans became locked

XtraPEG 5 years ago updated by [Dev] Nanorock (Programmer) 5 years ago 11

Titans display a greyed out lock symbol and become unusable despite having 3 sins available, no active titans and having the skill tree requirements met.

I was playing Skirmish on the 3 player map: Acrophobia

None were being summoned, it was (or was meant to be) my 2nd titan, my 1st being a behemoth, my ally managed to summon several different titans (some twice or more).

My behemoth got killed. My behemoth and my ally's colossus were alive at the same time then my behemoth died and I was unable to summon another for the whole game whilst my ally could.

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Hello XtraPEG,

If no mutators were used to prevent Titans or higher their sin cost and you didn't had a Titan summoned already,
then the only reason why Titans would be locked would be an error that prevents them from being made available.

If you can reproduce this issue it would be very helpful to take a look at your outout_log because it might reveal an issue preventing Titans.

Here is described how to upload such a log, beware it is overwritten each time the game is started, so please save & upoload it immediately after the issue occured:



Here's the output log (I wasn't hosting the game)

Mod Edit: 

- Put output_log into a text file rather than posting the text contents directly into the thread:


I hope this is of any use to you.

XtraPEG, I did edit your lost to link the output_log in a file rather than bloating this thread with these logs.

Please use the "File" button above the text area where you enter your message to attach any files in future.

You didn't mentioned that it was a multiplayer game in which you were client rather than just a Skirmish match.

In this case another possible cause can be lag or package loss when you had your match.

If so, the hosts response to make Titans available did not arrive at your client and thus it didn't update the UI.

At least your output_log does not contain an error that would be related to this issue.

Might it be you had a laggy or instable internet connection during that match?

I don’t remember encountering any visible lag during the match, we were using the same internet which might have slowed it down or something but that would also result in really low ping.

Also I apologise for not mentioning it was a multiplayer LAN match, I must’ve forgotten to mention that.

Tried with webber as client:

- host summons titan

- then I summon a titan

- host kills my titan

- host kills my titan egg

- I sell my titan egg

- host titan gets killed during the time my titan egg got destroyed

can't replicate, even with some conection proplems

What Biervampir is trying to say:
We have an hard time to reproduce this problem. 
Do you have any pointers how to trigger it @XtraPEG?

Did you do anything different than the steps Biervampir tried?

I summon Behemoth

Ally host summons Titan egg

My Behemoth gets killed near my area

All my titans become locked

Ally’s Titan still alive

I wish I could give more info on what happened and what I did but that’s all I seem to remember happening

Hrm, maybe we should try to test what happens when client summons a titan before the host does it as well.

Also do you know how your Behmoth got slain exactly? Anything special? (Which could have caused due to an error, that its death wasn't properly recognized by the game)

If you or anyone reading this ever encounters this problem again, please get a save of both client and hosts output_log files and upload it here before starting the game again.
I have some suspicion that the culprit might have not been in your output_log but in the host ones.

Anyway something must be special, because on intense normal testing we failed to reproduce the issue even a single time.

I hope we can find that culprit.


Cannot Replicate

As this ticket has now been quiet for a month I'll be closing it down. But as per Stefan's response please be in touch if you encounter the issue and have the logs we need to continue our investigations.