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Pet Dungeon level 2 Ember Lord Treasure not counted

Grapplehoeker 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 12

The Ember Lord treasure task isn't being acknowledged as complete despite my having killed the Ember Lord and ransacked his vault and every other research artifact on the map, including the 3 in the chasm.

This has happened on 4 occasions so far.

I can submit both the output log and the save game.

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Hey Grapplehoeker,

Can you attach your output_log and savefile?

Might be an obvious question, but you've had your cultists figure out what artifacts they are, right?

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A recent hotfix has change the way that this objective is checked, this should prevent this from happening.

However in this specific case the artefact was just sat next to the archive, as soon as I placed the artefact on the pedestal the objective was complete

Placing an artefact on the research pedestal is normally a minion task. Are you telling me that they were ignoring that task and it actually required me to do so manually?

Don't think you can. The artifacts are placed on holy ground, aren't they?

It had gotten stuck on the bridge next to the archive somehow, we will have a look to double check that artefacts that are dropped are readded to the work queue.


There is a corner case where workers can drop artefacts in inaccessible locations when the archive table is already holding and artefact. This should be cleared up in the next patch.

Thank you Cian. I was looking in the treasure area (empty) and in the archive room. It didn't occur to me to look elsewhere for any dropped and unattended to artefacts. Good to know that this is one minor bug taken care of ;)

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