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Cannot load a save

Old Cat 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 10

I cannot load this save file (it's not a problem on its own, I already finished the level, but would be cool to not have such issues in the future).




As a bonus, if after the failed attempt I'm trying to load another save, I get




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The likely hood is that the save is totally corrupt. This can occur when the saving process is interrupted, most noticeably when saving large levels. There's not much that can be done to help you on that front.

Fortunately we will can look into ensuring that a failed load does not prevent further play.

This save survived at least two patches, so it may be corrupted due to changes in the game code.

Even so, ctd is a bad thing :)

What was the last version that this save worked in?

Well, not sure there is a way for me to find out the version, there is nothing like that in the loading menu, and of course I don't remember which version the game had back then.

I made original save file 7.18.2016. Yesterday I loaded it and at some point saved the game in a new slot - that's where the uploaded corrupted save came from. I still can load that old save from 2016, but not this new one.

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Can you send the old 2016 save?

Have you attempted again to load the 2016 save and make a new save again?



So far new saves work, but I saved many times on the corrupted one after creating it.

It looks like the save game file got corrupted, it lost a reference to a block and this can not be repaired.
So one tile is completely missing in the data but the game always requires that all tiles in the map bounds exist.
All you can do is trying to continue from an earlier save I fear.

However we let it now fail more gracefully and prevent that it causes issues on attempting to load another level.
Unfortunately this is all we can do about.

Thank you for giving us a save game which revealed that this is even possible.

Completed - Resolved