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I want to translate Underload's name, Theme's name, and Worker's name.

Please introduce these keys if you can.

I would greatly appreciate if you can give my proposal a good review.

[Skirmish, Multiplayer, and Sandbox]

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Image 2456


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Here is my translation.

Thank you and best regards.
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Stefan Furcht

Hey Policeofficer110,
These are so called "proper names" which are not supposed to be translated as far as I am aware and they are like this in any supported language we have.
Maybe Lee can explain why.


Hi, Stefan

Thank you for your reply. I can understand what you mean.

Please excuse my lack of explanation. This is a problem peculiar to localizing into Japanese.

For example, There is an actor named Ken Watanabe. His name is written in Japanese as follows.

The name of John Lennon is expressed in the same way.

Compared to the alphabet these characters are completely different appearances, but their meanings are completely identical. Even though the letters are different, respect for proper names is kept.

Many Japanese people like to be expressed in Japanese letters. If so, they can play this game more comfortably.

This is why I hope that the keys will be introduced.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Stefan Furcht
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Arrf, this might be an issue now, since we never planned to support languages which have different letters for the same name in early development.
I am unsure if we can fix something like this that late in development as there was no translation key ever defined and thus these names are already serialized into save games and custom maps, so they are all over the place and not replacable by a key anymore.
Thus I am thinking it might not be feasible to add translation keys for those.
We need to discuss this in the team, but could well be that there is no feasible solution possible at this point.
I am sorry for that.


Thank you for explaining. I appreciate your consideration.

I hope that you can find a solution. :)

Stefan Furcht
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Hey I asked in the team what we can do and they do not know yet either before it is known how many changes are needed in total.
So maybe it's worth to find all pieces missing to support a proper Japanese translation and prioritize them in a list.
Since you might know what is missing better than we do.
Would you mind to create such a list with missing things ordered by priority/importance and we take a look what we can do from the entire list?
So far we know it is:
- Empire
- Player Names in official maps
- AI Player Names
- (Worker) Theme Names

But there might be more and it would be good to have a full list.

Thanks a lot for your work on translations!

Stefan Furcht

Alright I got now a confirmation.
Please give us a prioritized list of all things missing to make a proper Japanese translation and then we look to get these bits in for Patch 1.6.
So it might take a bit longer this time to get it done, but we will try to do what we can.


I really appreciate your kindness. I don't know developers as friendly as you. I will respect you even if my wishes do not come true.

I promise to give you the list. Please give me a few days.

Thank you.

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Thanks policeofficer, I'll mark this awaiting replay until you can get us that list.


Hello. I created prioritized list.
Probably, this is the last opportunity to convey my wishes to you. (Because the patch 1.6 will be the final update.)
So, I wrote all my wishes here.

Priority 1st: We need the subtitles on video
This is absolutely necessary. Probably most Japanese players are skipping the video clip because there are no subtitles. Even I.
I believe this will be implemented in the near future.

2nd: Subtitles on Ending of HoG (debriefing of level-4)
This is also necessary for the same reason as above. Without subtitle, we can't understand what Mendechaus said.
e.g.) campaign_dlc1_outro_line1

3rd: Subtitles of startup voice of Mendechaus
This is not absolutely necessary, but I think that it would be better to have subtitles there. Mendechaus speaks several kinds of greetings. His greetings should be understood by more people.
e.g.) narrator_time_or_date_misc_line_001

4th: Enemy names in official campaign
If translation key about these names will be provided, the campaign would be more fun for us.
House Magnanimous (HoG)
The Enemy (Home Realm)
Mendechaus (Crucible)

5th: Underlord(AI) names in official campaign
Underlord Marcus (level-4)
Underlord Rhaskos (level-7)
Underlord Mira (level-10)
Underlord Kasita (level-12)
Underlord Draven (level-12)
Underlord Korvek (level-12)

6th: Player Names in official campaign
Underlord Oberon
Underlord Kasita

7th: AI Player Names in official skirmish map

8th: Theme names & Worker theme names

9th: faction name in Map editor
I should have told this to you the other day...

10th: The Dungeoneer's Guide & All that is Gold
I know this is impossible...

That's all. Please forgive me my lousy English. Thank you for your consideration.

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Hey policeofficer,

This is fantastic. First of all, thank you for being so dedicated to fully translating the game, it's great that there are players like you that are so passionate about WFTO.

Our code and writing teams are currently discussing how to implement this, we will keep you posted.

Keep up the fantastic work!