Multiplayer: static dungeon core health bars

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In a multiplayer match when a dungeon core is attacked (any core), I as a host can see the damage increasing in the health bar, but my friends cannot. They see max hp until it's destroyed.

My computer stats (if relevant) :

Windows 7 64bit

CPU 3,5Ghz

RAM 16gb

NVIDIA Geforce gtx 970

The game seems to be more fluid when I'm the host. I do have the most powerful computer out of me and my friends (just barely).

Game Version:
Steam Public

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Stefan Furcht
  • Completed - Resolved

Hello Pulle,
we have found this issue internally. It was an issue introduced by fixing another problem.
It is resolved already and a hotfix v1.5.0f13 is on its way to fix the problem.

Thanks for reporting though, we could have easily missed that.