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Save game crash

nimiriametira 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 6 years ago 16

I made a thread in the steam forums about this one. When I try to load the save this happens:

I have a Heart of Gold Savegame in mission 2 and when I try to load it now I get this:

Data Access layer failed to load level (WLevel). I get back to the main menue.

After that when I exit the game I get this:

Runtime Error! R6025
- pure virtual function call

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Hi Nimiriametira,

Thanks for the report.

Please can you include the details we required as outlined in this article: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket

You can also find instructions for locating and uploading your Save Files as well.



Thanks for that, Please can you include your system specs and output.log from when you've had the game crash on you.

Once I've got those I'll pass it straight onto the code team for their review.

Ah yes I can.

Here is the log:

output_log.txt - there is no Crash log.

Here is my Dx Diag so you see my specs: DxDiag.txt

The bug happens when I try to load the save game. I get back to the main menue. When I then exit the game the other message appears.


Awesome thanks for that. I'll chuck it off to code for review now. My suspicion would be that the save file has become corrupted and for some reason this causes the issue when you close the game.

Am I right in assuming you can always start a new match after loading the save file?

I can´t load the save file but everything else seems to work normal.

Can you somehow repair the save?

Unfortunately I do not believe that will be possible. The code team will be able to confirm better.

Okay then I hope they can do something, otherwise I guess its restart time ^^

It seems like there is some defect in the save game file and we are not sure how it was able to happen.
Looks like the data of one tile got corrupted, which causes the level to not load properly.
It would be not easy to fix unfortunately.

However if you encounter such issue more often, then please let us know (& add your logs).

Hi, I've had my savegame corrupted with this same issue (same mission too, HoD Lvl 2). Has there been any more investigation in to what's causing this?

Literally means I have to finish that mission in one sitting, totally unable to save.

Hello guys,

Ireally would like toplay more single player, and on the last mission of Heart of Gold every time i load a save it crashes...

kindly advise


It says my report got merged, but I don't see it anywhere anymore. Why?

Moved it to a different thread while I seek code input on whether these are liable to be related. Different patches after all :)

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Hi Guys,

It's possible you're suffering from an unrelated but similar issue that has occured since Patch 1.4.2 was released (a fault in Unity causing some save games to become unload-able for some reason)

Have a look at this thread and see if it sounds familiar.

If it is related to that you might find the Previousbuild branch could have a temporary workaround.

Unfortunately I don't think there's much we can do with the op's corrupted save file and the cause is unknown. Based on Stefan's response I'll be closing this topic as it doesn't appear further issues have been suffered. But if anyone else has a similiar issue please do get in touch with your save file and logs etc. and we'll look into it.