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I'm sorry i appreciate the help but it is totally impossible. I've supported this game since the beta but i'm done. 

I've been at it for 3 days solid, dozens of attempts.

Utterly impossible. and yes it does cheat I watched it insta spawning defences over and over.

goodbye best of luck with WTFO in the future but I won't be playing it.

got it sorry I wasn't putting in the second capital letter on Stuff

Just tried the reveal map you suggetsed and I couldn't get it to work, the console shows *require password. Any ideas?

nice tip on the reveal map, should be interesting to watch, there's no organic way to produce levelled up units that fast. might be there are a load hidden on the map i'll watch it and see.

Completely understand your point about you shouldn't be able to log in and walk everything but I'm hardly a noob to DK / WTFO so it shouldn't be that overpowered that it slaughters me over and over.

Been chatting on the forum with some of the other players and picked up a few ideas to work around it like running at low speed.

Some achievements are done regardless some are specific to 'complete this stage on master'

thanks Rich