Importing & Sharing Player Made Maps to/from the GOG Version of WFTO

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Downloading Maps from the Steam Workshop

If you already own War for the Overworld on Steam you have access to a large repository of community created maps with which to enhance your game. If you are going to share a map beyond the appropriate community spaces (such as the Brightrock Games forum) then please seek permission from the content creator. In all cases please credit the original author(s)

To download a map simply do the following:

  1. Navigate to the War for the Overworld Workshop
  2. Select or search for a file that you wish to download
  3. Click the Subscribe button
  4. If your Steam client is launched and War for the Overworld installed then the content will download to "<Steam install folder>\steamapps\workshop\content\230190\<Item ID>\"

Sharing Maps You Have Created in the Map Editor without Steam Workshop

You can create and share maps with other players by uploading files to our forums or sharing them directly. To do so you'll need to locate the files within your game's directory and simply upload the map file and its corresponding .meta file to wherever you wish.

  1. Navigate to "<GOG Galaxy install folder>\Games\War For The Overworld\GameData\Maps\Saves>" or "<GOG Games install folder>\War For The Overworld\GameData\Maps\Saves>"
  2. Locate the map and .meta file you wish to upload and package them together, either unzipped or in .zip format, which the majority of users can decompress by default
  3. Upload them to your chosen location, e.g. our Foundry - see the Foundry user guide

Importing Maps into WFTO

Any WFTO map you download from the Steam Workshop or via our forums can be played in the GOG version of the game.


  1. Locate the map and its .meta file on your computer and copy them to the clipboard (if downloaded from Steam they will be in "<Steam install folder>\steamapps\workshop\content\230190\<Item ID>\")

  2. If WFTO was installed via GOG Galaxy: Open "<GOG Galaxy install folder>\Games\War For The Overworld\GameData\Maps" and paste the files here

  3. Else if WFTO was installed without GOG Galaxy: Open "<GOG Games install folder>\War For The Overworld\GameData\Maps" and paste the files here

  4. Open WFTO, navigate to the game mode the map is for, and select it when choosing a map

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