Early Adopter Bonus FAQ

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Q: What is the Early Adopter Bonus?

A: As announced in WFTO Wednesday #109, everyone who purchases the game during the first month of release (or earlier) will get the first full DLC (Heart of Gold) for free when we release it.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: It’s a bit of an experiment, and our attempt to replace pre-order bonuses — an unfortunately all-too-common practice that isn’t consumer friendly for a variety of reasons. Chief among them, they force a potential player to gamble on a game before there is any hard feedback on the final product.

Our hope with this offer is that players will feel encouraged to pick up the game at full price (ie: before any big sales) whilst still giving them plenty of time to consult reviews, YouTube videos, and friends for general impressions and information about the game before they make a commitment to purchase it.

Q: What is the DLC? When will it be released?
A: As announced in the Heart of Gold announcement the Early Adopter DLC will be a campaign expansion by the name of Heart of Gold. This 4-level campaign will take place in the aftermath of War for the Overworld in a spin-off story following the Underlord Kasita. This new campaign will be fully featured and voiced and will include new levels designed based on feedback from our community. Heart of Gold was released in May 2016.

Q: Where and when would I have gotten the Early Adopters Bonus?
A: It was available on Steam, Humble, our website, and any other authorised reseller for every purchase made on or before May 2nd, 2015 (one month after release).

Q: What about Kickstarter backers and Early Access customers?
A: Everyone who already owns a copy (or buys before release) will also be getting the Early Adopter bonus.

Q: What about physical copies of the game?
A: Every retail copy of the game in most regions will contain the Early Adopter bonus (and will continue to do so after the first month of release (as we aren’t able to remotely modify the box…).

Q: How do I redeem the Early Adopter Bonus? I didn’t get an extra code?
A: It will have been automatically applied to your account when redeeming the game on Steam (it should show up as ‘WFTO Heart of Gold’ in your DLC list). The content itself won’t show up until we release the DLC in April 2016.

Q: How much will Heart of Gold cost if I don't qualify for the Early Adopter Bonus?
A: Heart of Gold will have a baseline price of £5.59 / $7.99 / 7.99€ with a 15% discount at release.

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