Unable to click game objects / tag tiles [Fixed in v2.0]

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Issue Description

Upon launching the game you are able to interact with the main menu, however once you are in a level you are not able to select anything in world. I.e. Tagging tiles, interacting with units etc. The UI Works normally.


This is an extremely uncommon issue that occurs due to an as yet unidentified conflict between software/hardware installed on your system and our UI Middleware "Coherent UI"

Current Status

It is believed that this issue should be resolved as of Patch 2.0 with the integration of the new CoherentGT middleware. If you believe this issue is still affecting you please raise a bug ticket.


This issue is usually resolved on Windows systems via the following steps.

  1. Right-click War for the Overworld in your Steam Library List
  2. Click properties to open the properties dialog
  3. From that dialog click the "Set Launch Options..." Button
  4. Add "-force-d3d9" in this box (No quotation marks)
  5. Click OK and launch the game
  6. If this does not resolve your issue replace "-force-d3d9" with "-force-d3d11

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