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pandorales 4 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 3 years ago 11

In the War for the Overlord module (so not Heart of Gold, or Pet Dungeon), lvl 7 - Arcanists are studying and creating a sin count as expected, but when I go to purchase sins, all available options are unselectable. Regardless of how much more game play or the number of sins, they never become selectable.

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Hey pandorales,

Can I get your output_log please.

Posting Output Logs


This weirdness with sins just started happening September 29, 2018. When I went to launch Steam / WFTO, I noticed that I had to install WFTO. Not update, but Install it. Which is weird since I play this game every week.

I am not able to buy additional sins in levels 6 and 7 of WFTO. I also seem to have this issue in Heart of Gold levels. I don't know if this is a problem in The Under Games. 

Here's the output log you asked for. Please advise. Mama needs her dungeon to work!

Peace be with you,


I would like to discuss this more, because I've noticed when playing custom campaign or under games that sometimes after I load the game from save file any remaining room to unlock for sins remains grey, unlockable. I have all DLCs BTW.

What's interesting there were many reports of similar thing and only one solution that seems to work - to play the game from the start to the end without reloading it or to restart the map. Here's the latest report: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1370976566/1694919808747751658/
Here are more reports - just scroll down the comment section and you'll see similar reports (especially Stone Bridge is the most reported one): https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1370976566/1694919808747751658/

Examples from Steam:

13 November
I'm also stuck on level 7, with a bunch of techs (including stone bridge) unavailable. Reloading seems to break it worse, disabling the techs that are unlocked shortly after the start like the beast den upgrade.

14 October
@<nickname>- Had to restart a couple of times but the problem appears to have spontaneously resolved for good. Thanks!

10 October
@<nickname> - have you tried to start the same level again from the beginning and checked if this issue is still present? I noticed that sometimes after reloading the game from a savefile, the rest of locked aspects is unlockable (however still visible on grey) as you progress in VoE. The only way to solve this for me was to play the map again from the beginning or play the whole level continuously from the beginning to the end.
It may be a bug that should be reported on WftO User Echo. BTW.

8 October
Playing the Coddle mission as we speak. The stone bridge appears to be greyed
out in the veins, ie it cannot be built and I am unable to finish the

Thanks for raising this with us further Sebt. I can confirm that it's in our Triage queue and one I'll make a special note of as it's definitely quite frustrating. 

This sounds like an issue that has some deep roots but has often been difficult to replicate internally so any details we can get is always very important, especially if the end result is clear replication steps, videos, screenshots anything that will help us root out the cause.

I'm updating to status to reflect that it's awaiting our Triage pass and sorry that this has been pending for so long.

Not a Bug

Not everything is available in this level, stone bridges are banned out in Rhaskos' realm 

This bug weas related to games where player couldn't unlock certain sin, because it was greyed-out while not unlocking anything for some time (but I still couldn't locate the real issue than maybe Alt+Tab the game or just not opening VoE for some time). Another person reported the issue.

"Lvl 8 is bruken alot of the sin points cant be used to unlock alot of the stuff withhttps://steamcommunity.com/id/kasi_q2/screenshot/772851539771675593"

Taken from: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1370976566 (also he stated another issue in this topic, which is very crucial bug, related to not executing end-game scripts that appeared since 2.0.7, please take a look on this).


That is truly peculiar. Seems to be unrelated to the initial ticket here which is regarding the main campaign of the game. The images and community files provided show that this occurs in a custom campaign and would probably bear some relation to Mightyscript scripting in that case.

I'll put this in our backlog and will take a look when we next come around to a review of tickets for WFTO.