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Submitting a bug report as requested by Cian on the steam forum.

Tamren Starshadow 4 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 12
Win 7 64-bit 4790k CPU 16gb RAM GTX1060 GPU
Game Version v2.0.3f1

This happened on the Hell's Deep map, the final My Pet Dungeon. The problem is that creatures will sit around the outside of the prison and stave because they won't eat and seem to be caught in a pathfinding loop. I think what's happening is they are trying to eat the rats inside the prison. Beasts will remain stuck in this state unless a beastmaster shows up and drags them off to the arena. Deconstructing the prison may unstick the beast if they find a rat on the ground and eat it, but this doesn't always work. Filling in the room where the prison was will prevent further beasts from getting stuck, but if any beasts are in the room they will be trapped in solid dirt when it is filled in.

I can't speak for the code side of things but I'm 99% sure I know what the cause is. I have included my savegame from early on in the level as well as the output log. If pick up some empire troops from the toybox (level doesn't matter) and drop them in the prison, then cast blood money. The prisoners will turn into statues around the edge of the prison. At some point (sometimes almost immediately) some beasts will wander  into the prison. They will have the Eating status and they will  eventually pick a spot and then get stuck there pacing in circles. You can identify which ones are bugged because their status will rapidly flicker Eating-Idle-Eating-Idle-Eating-Idle etc, sometimes it will include Resting in the sequence if the beast is tired.

If you save the game while the beasts are bugged and then reload later, they will be standing in the same positions but immediately go back to normal until you blood money some more prisoners.

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No one seems to be near the prison, can you give me more to go off

Hi I missed your email, sorry about the delay.

It's been 8 months and several game versions later but I can still replicate the bug. I'm using v2.0.6f2 but otherwise everything else is the same.

I think I know the exact cause of the bug, I thought it was due to the empire prisoners but that was hiding the real cause. When you use the blood money spell on prisoners sometimes you click on a rat and transmute the rat instead. This leaves gold rat statues around the edge of the prison and the beasts try to eat them which causes them to get stuck in a loop.

Here are the exact steps to replicate:

1. Load the game save

2. Pan camera over to the prison and wait for the rats to spawn

3. Use the blood money spell to turn all the rats into gold, you should have enough mana for 10 casts.

4. Once you get your mana back continue to transmute rats, the game will only let you click one rat at a time instead of as many times as you have mana. This may be another bug.

5. Wait until you see a beast walk into the prison, if the activity of that beast is listed as "Eating" the beast is bugged.

Bugged beasts exhibit the following features:

1. The activity status of the beast will rapidly change to Eating-Idle-Eating-Idle-Eating etc, sometimes with Resting mixed in.

2. The beast will pace back and forth in the prison and basically starve to death, the eating and resting stat will eventually drop to 0%. They will remain stuck even if you deconstruct the room they are in.

3. I have only found 2 ways to fix the bug. The first is to simply save and reload the game, which returns the beasts to normal as if nothing happened. The second is to wait for a beastmaster to grab the beast and take them over to the arena which only happens at random.

I have successfully tested this method multiple times in a row. Each time the first bugged beast would wander into the prison within 60 seconds or less and it's possible for multiple beasts to get stuck. Here's a pic of a bugged Skarg, this can happen to any type of beast.


I'll attempt the above now

I can confirm that rats that have been blood money'd, will be seen as food by beasts. This is the root cause of the issue here.

Better late than never: This issue will be fixed with next patch :)

Completed - Next Patch

Ok great! Glad I could help.

Completed - Resolved