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After playing for a while, the game hangs when saving (manual or auto)

Chafouin 4 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 years ago 11
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Just to be clearer, this happens when playing the same level of a campaign for a while. Not when going from level to level.

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Could you please upload the save game, your output_log.txt from when this happened and your system specs.

How to: Locate your save files

Posting Output Logs

Requested Files:

Log: output_log.txt

Save Files: remote.7z

To reproduce one instance of the issue:

1) Start the game

2) Load the Autosave 5/31/2018 12:44:46PM

3) Once the game is running, try to save: the game hangs. 100% reproducible.

This is not specific to Autosave, it has happened by loading manually saved game too.

I don't know if the issue is solely when trying to save a game, or something does not load quick right when loading a saved game that makes the game crash at the next attempt to save.

Here are other crashes I ran into (not related to this post):

Dumped files: Other 3 crashes War For The Overworld.7z

The 3 other crashes look to be driver related, could you please try a fresh install of of your video drivers?

Using DDU you can completely uninstall your drivers and reinstall the latest version from your manufacturer. 


I'll look further into the save load crash, it may have been resolved as we have resolved a similar report recently

The crashes, although rare,  started happening after the recent NVidia driver update. So, this is a good hint and I will reinstall the driver 

Let us know how that goes for you

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Assumed fixed unless reported otherwise

If the issue with the saved files is been addressed as part of your next released (when would it be?), I would think so.

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Ah I got all twisted with this ticket. We will assume the crashes fixed, but yes, we need to verify the save load internally

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