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Possible Bug - Lazy Imps

quantum projects 5 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 11

Hi everyone!

I think the Imps might get bugged with large dungeons, or watery dungeons, or otherwise unknown conditions. As you can see from this Screenshot (see the idle minions report), they idle around traps they should be building, even with the Priority Flag set on the traps.
I have an 8-prop Foundry stuffed with parts, so I know this is not the problem.
The only way to make those Imps work is to drop them inside the Foundry, where they will pick up the parts and bring them to the traps.
However, as soon as they have brought the part they were carrying, they will go idle again, even if the traps are unfinished.
I've tried many things (slapping, summoning new Imps) but it all failed thus far.

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Hey quantum.projects,

Could you give me a copy of your save file so I can investigate further? It looks like the workers may be deciding that the distance is too far for them to deliver and instead get stuck idling.

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I have seen something similar where they refuse to pickup gold lying around when my coffers are empty. It get's a little tedious when my Chunders are grumbling in the tavern about not getting paid while their fat butts are sitting on pile of gold.

Just a side note:
It might not be intentional but the tasks for the workers are on the defence parts and NOT on the defence blueprints.
So to encourage them to build defences the worker rally flag needs to be put into the foundry where it covers defence parts.
We know that is not easy to grasp but the flag applies where the objectives are.

We need to look into how they would fail to build these traps.
I am not sure if the blood statue mining issue is related to this one.
However, a save game with traps not being build would be helpful to track the issue down.

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We will assume this is now fixed due to the lack of reply, if this is not the case post back and we will reopen the ticket.

Sorry for the delay, here is the save file... Save File and Meta File. If you need anything else, let me know.

I've seen that behavior repeat itself in all Pet Dungeon Levels. The only solution has been, indeed, to drop the Imp flag on the forge I wanted to use to provide the defense parts.

Under Review

I'll take a look on that map and see if I can pin down the cause

Not Fixable

It looks like the foundry possibly too far from the area you want to play defences, workers will currently only carry parts so far.

Rallying the workers to the foundry might fix this.

We are currently looking to change the pathfinding for the workers, which would solve this issue, until then you will have to rally on the foundry or take parts by hand.

Hello, i know this is old. but can somehow help me? i encounter the same issues as this Thread starter. and no one can help me

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Can you please submit a save file and output_log.txt

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Completed - Resolved

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