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Balmorne's Pass won't end

Melissa 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 6 years ago 9


I recently bought Dungeon Keeper 2, and I've been having a lot of fun playing the main champaign. My progress has become stuck however because a bug makes it impossibe to complete Balmorne's Pass.

I've played it through several times now, and twice I have succeeded in excavating the entire map, killing all enemy units, and destroying all enemy traps. However even after doing that the game does not end. It just keeps going perpetually. Also, it says that occasionally enemies are getting through and escaping even though there are no enemies left on the map.

I'd really like to get passed this and carry on with the campegin, so please help.

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I encountered a similar problem in Balmorne's Pass a few days ago. I was attacking the gate where the empire troops started. It seemed like it produced endless new enemies. When I moved my army back and let them build up some distance to the gate, the final enemies appered and I was able to complete mission. Maybe the problem occurs when you move your minions near the empire gate.

Were these endless new enemies by chance dwarven sappers? Because I know that the hero portal on the east of the map will instantly spawn new sappers if there are none of the map.

If sappers are workers, then yes. But it definitely prevented the "normal wave" from spawning.

In my games I've twice captured that gate as well as killing all remaining units. But the game doesn't end. I just continue without any enemies and every so often I'm told that one or two have escaped.

Same all enemies are dead no way to finisgh I lost 5 hours on my sunday waw that s fun and of course no dev answer.. We paid so now they don t care... I m so bored

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Hey guys,

I am sorry to hear you have problems with the Belmorne's Pass.

We are already working on this issue internally.

Thanks for your patience.


QA Lead

Hello = ) Could you guys upload broken save files please ? It's located in Steam\userdata\[your user id]\230190\remote , I need the file and the .meta associated. Thanks a lot !

Sorry, I tend to not save any more since the savegame/loading problems around the release. Next time a problem occurs I will make a savegame.

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We fixed this issue for next patch.
Thanks for reporting and sorry for your inconvenience :)