Doctor going back and forth from room

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A doctor repeatedly enter and exit a skin lab, looping between thoses states :
-[while entering the lab] moving to skin lab 1 + working in skin lab 1 (no patient)
-[while exiting the lab] moving to skin lab 1 + assigned to skin lab 1 + looking at [various things such a bench and the skin lab itself]

additional note :
During the entire time, in the skin lab tab, the lab is declared as unstaffed, inoperative and with no queue (even if there is plenty of people needed to be treated)

Video featuring the bug :

CS Edit: Link to player's files. 

Windows PC
Dominik Customer Support
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Hey there Pack, thank you for the bug report regarding the weird doctor movement. Could you please provide us with debug files that are required for investigation? You can find instructions on how to generate these files HERE.

Thank you for your cooperation!



pack manias

Hello Dominik,

sorry for having forgot these, it sure is easier to debug when having the customer's map..

so here it is:

debug file: Galacticare Debug Save lundi 24 juin 2024

thanks for the quick reply, the game is really fun and I hope this will help you fix the problem !

Best regards,


Dominik Customer Support
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Thank you, Pack for your quick response! I will forward your report with updated files to our team and update you as soon as I hear back from them! 

I kindly ask for your patience!