Unusual Data loss

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Bug Log

Hey, something weird happened.

On boot, the map progress was lost. 

I rebooted the game once in case seem was cloud-syncing something back to health, but that didn't happen.

I thought a patch might have hit, but it wasn't the case.

The sandbox saves that got the 5-star ratings technically still existed but to unlock further levels the story has to be replayed, eventually forcing to overwrite those in the main missions.

The reward unlocks of the 5-stars are untouched though. They just won't appear on the map, even if I go into a main level.

With the bonus levels is easy, as they were only sandboxes to begin with and tend to end just on the 5-star rating.

Loamshop unlocks are unaffected (i.e. all still nice).

Species-Reputation is unaffected.

Consultant unlocks and levels are unaffected.

Effectively all that is lost is the progress on the galaxy map and the visual indicator of the 5-stars, no rewards or achievements.


All room-templates are lost BUT the templates for my Diagnosis Rooms. And that is the really weird part.

Did the game drop all others because those were not yet unlocked on restarting the first level?

One issue I have with this is that once transitioning from the story of a level into the sandbox, the game throws all diseases at you, with all the rooms unlocked (however, all templates gone, despite all items for those rooms available).

Windows PC
n h.

Additionally, because the log is already there, in this save I encountered a bug that somtimes happens:

The standard cursor appears and it shows that the ingame cursor is always behind it when moving.

I have not yet figured out what resets this aside from rebooting the game.

Nor what causes it to begin with.

n h.

It also seems that "room-themed" is not appearing in the standard build tab beneath the required items anymore, but is now its own tab.

However, it only ever lists the Aquarium and three posters: Medi, Skin and Anatomy,

Whereas when clicking on the Medi Poster only results in another Skin poster on the cursor.

Dominik Customer Support
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Hey! Thank you for the detailed bug report regarding data loss. I will forward this to our developers for investigation and will give you an update as soon as I get any news!