Galacticare doesn't start at all

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Just downloaded the game and tried to start it for the first time. However I just see the small unity window for a brief second with a loading bar that goes half way up and then everything closes. Tried again after restarting my computer. Doesn't work. There's a windows error message saying Galacticare.exe doesn't function properly and needs to be closed. That's it. 

I am using windows 10 Home 22H2, AMD ryzen 5 3600, 32GB RAM.

Thank you for any help.

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Windows PC
GOG Galaxy

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Thank you very much for your kind reply!

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It works. The player.log file said that one of the shared assets files was corrupted. I used the gog galaxy repair functionality and now it starts :) 

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Hey Toni! I am sorry to hear you have experienced some problems with launching the game but I am glad to read that you have managed to fix the problem by yourself! I hope you will have a lovely time treating patients in Galacticare!