Research lab and condition overview QoL issues

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Hello, found this set of not-quite-right stuff while playing:

Below, a massive frame-rate drop on normal game speed (50->30) when 5 research labs are running on different conditions and the condition overview window is open. If overview window is closed, no problem. if the labs are built, but untasked, no issue. If they're unstaffed, no issue. Suspected root cause: each research lab is triggering a separate live update of one of the conditions that is populating the overview window for each tick of research/insight.

Frame rate example5 running labs, 30 fps on normal

Image 8657

For this, the research lab can't be turned off or stopped (as I suspect it is lower priority than a doctor working in a treatment room), but it is also impossible to lock a specific doctor to the research lab (such as psychopathic or accidental killer doctors that generate bonus research) Also, once the lab is filled with 3 doctors it is no longer possible to change the doctors assigned without using another room to pull the currently assigned doctors away, as the lock and change doctor buttons are disabled in all circumstances. No root causes, just a potential QoL thing.

Image 8658Above, it is not possible to ever place 2 of a given required object in any room...which isn't a problem until the research lab has a specific note telling you to place more. Potential root cause: the bonus research lab text was just never removed when all required objects were restricted to 1 per room.

Image 8659above: I got nothing on how/why this duplication of conditions occurs with different patient counts and treatment effectiveness, except I've only seen this when I've had research labs active in a mission so far. Of note is that I had already reached toxin and jelly lvl 5 on a mission I had finished before I started this current map at all (not just resumed), while I had been researching hypersleep in this mission.

Additionally, in all of my missions the longer bar between the level indicator and the icon (circled under the jellification in the above image) is always full while I'm in a mission on the condition overview page, though may not be if I look at the condition while in the galactic map, or from an individual research lab's research progress.

Best of luck with the entomology!

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Hey Willam! Thank you so much for such a detailed bug report on the multiple issues you have encountered. I will be happy to forward it all to our developers but unfortunately, due to some limitations, I have to ask you to create a separate thread for each bug so I can export it to our team. I also need to ask you to involve some game files - Instructions on how to generate them can be found HERE

I want to thank you in advance for your cooperation!