Moving buildings and teleporting people does not track cursor

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In chapter 2, after placing a medibot, the game's moving system seemingly broke down completely. Whether buying furniture, moving rooms, or teleporting people: placing objects is impossible, and the "ghost" does not follow the cursor. Simply remaining in place, usually at the location the cursor was at when "building mode" was instigated.

Image 8561Its not easy to tell, but pay close attention to the location of the cursor, and the location of the receptionist. It will simply remain put. This is also the case for moving existing objects, much worse: Even if the placement would be legal, you are not allowed to place the object. Making the only option to cancel, which sells the object you were trying to move.

Image 8562Copying, naturally has the same result. Interestingly attempting to move a room caused the walls to turn invisible.

Image 8563As stated, teleporting is also not allowed.

Image 8564Placing or teleporting medibots is also not allowed. But notably, medibots are not affected by their "ghost" freezing, in the hallways. Moving the cursor into the hospital however, will leave the ghost behind, until you return to the hallway.

(other consumables, like the energy drink works fine)

And lastly: While persisting trough alt f4. It only affects THIS hospital.

Going back to chapter 1; everything works fine. But the moment one gets near the burning moon concert, your building privileges will be revoked.

I couldn't tell you what exactly caused this. My one memory is aggressively double-click placing down a medibot in the middle of a lag spike. It could be a coincidence tough.


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Dominik Customer Support
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Hey Arkorat!

Thank you for detailed information regarding the problem with building tracking your cursor. I will forward this bug reports to our team for investigation and I will inform you about the progress once I have any news about this. 

I kindly ask for your patience!



Stefan Furcht

Fixed possibly, but I have no reproduction of the issue.

Dominik Customer Support
  • Fixed - Released

Thank you for being so patient Arkorat! I just heard from our team that the issue you have reported should be fixed. Please make sure to update your game to the newest version.

Let me know if the problem still occurs after updating your game.