Consultant's personal goal not progressing

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Twiggy's first personal goal is to spent 3 minutes in a spacious room. She has spent most of the level assigned to a room marked as 'spacious' and yet she hasn't made one bit of progress towards that goal.

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Hey Nathan!

I am sorry to hear Twiggy is not cooperating with your quest progress. I will be happy to forward it to our team for investigation but I need you to provide some game files. You can find instructions on how to get them in this LINK



n h.

Having seen some conversations on the discord, there seems to be confusion for people as to what the quest text is referring to: Time spent in such a room while alone? While treating patients? Some brief time window of success?
I can attest these numbers are barely increasing under any circumstance, and since these bonus-XP-quests are supposed to not progress all too quickly I can imagine there being purpose to it.

My guess is that it is merely ill-phrased, lacking relevant information for the player to understand what the game wants. Similar to nowhere in the game being an explanation for what the "Eureka" skill actually does.
Or the flufftext of the psychopath trait where it can be read both ways: "Always damages patients, and doing so makes them happy." - The article there can refer to either the subject or the object and thus it could as well mean that it makes the patients happy. Context does suggest otherwise, but we live in a crazy world and an even crazier gameworld. Such would be more clear by writing "[...], increasing the Doctor's happiness." or "[...], to the enjoyment of the Doctor."

(probably worth an extra ticket at this point. sorry for getting carried away)

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
  • Fixed - Upcoming Patch