Can no longer open room details window after removing Holo Doc

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I had installed the Holo Doc upgrade in my Skin Room, following the tutorial, but I wanted to replace the Holo Doc with a specialized doctor. It didn't seem like swapping the doctor (per the button in the room window) was working so I tried removing the Holo Doc (by moving it and then right clicking on the main floor of the hospital), which did work and the doctor I had tried to swap started operating the room, but when I click on the room it no longer brings up the room details window, so I can no longer edit it. Saving and reloading DID fix the issue, and I THINK the Holo Doc was refunded to my inventory.

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Dominik Customer Support
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Hey Jacob!

Thank you for reporting the issue with editing some of your hospital rooms and changing doctors assigned to them. I am glad to hear you managed to fix the problem by reloading the save but we would love to take a closer look at the problem so other players won't experience the same issue.

Can I ask you to provide us with game files for investigation? You can find instructions how to generate them HERE.

Thank you for your cooperation!