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Workers stop to carry enemies to prison

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Playing the mission when you encounter Mira for the first time. At some point, workers just started to ignore defeated enemies instead of dragging them to prison.

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Tested it a bit more. I can release heroes I currently have in my prison, beat them again, and they will be dragged to prison again. But all freshly beaten ones will be ignored by imps.

I started the map again. For some time everything was fine. But at some point workers kinda forgot how to imprison heroes. They try to grab heroes in order to drag to prison, but then release them immediately, and continue to do so until heroes die. I have more than enough space in prisons, and even didn't used saves during the map.

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i have seen this issue before, but im unable to reliably reproduce it. Basically the exact cause is unknown we are investigating

Well, two things that are common for both cases is that I played at min speed, and also was messing up with Mira to make sure she doesn't interfere, ie prevented her from attacking heroes by capturing territory around her.

When you hover the prison with the hand, does it the tooltip tell there is still space for more prisoners or is it full?
It might be that your prison is full already, in which case workers stop bring new enemies intentionally.

i have asked that multiple times regarding this issue.


I have more than enough space in prisons

i saw that once myself in Hog4 since public release but failed to have any means of replicating it

Oh if so sorry for asking again, but if the prisons aren't full then it could be any rare failure of the new code assuring worker never try to bring more prisoners than slots.
(Earlier until it was full sometimes more prisoners were brought at the same time than would fit into it)

Hope we can find reliable replication steps, then we will be able to fix it for sure.

Yeah, I have 2 prisons for 50+ creatures and ~20 prisoners :)

I can release a prisoner from my prison, beat him again, and he will be carried to prison just fine. While those who never were in prison will not be carried.

Just now I tried to take a few prisoners to hand without releasing them, and then defeat some more heroes. And suddenly workers started to carry them to prison again, as if they realized there is still free space.

i have replicated the issue, i will need to check if i can replicate reliably

It could be caused by threat avoidance on path finding.
Might it be that there were a plenty of (dead) enemies on the (only) path to the prison?
Workers may try to avoid them and take another path, which finally gets so long that they give up.
At least this is my only theory so far how this could happen.

Well, I never leave any bodies other than heroes workers who die instantly. But yeah, there were plenty of them on the only path to prisons in both my attempts.

We will release a hotfix in a couple of hours which tries to quick fix this problem but we will leave the ticket open to investigate deeper at a later time to fix it properly.
Please let us know if it helps once you updated to version 1.4.0f10.

I think it helped. I loaded the save file where imps refused to carry prisoners, and now they can do it again right from the beginning.

Completed - Resolved