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Gold Vortex still shows activation status in tooltip

Nova Solarius vor 7 Jahren aktualisiert von Stefan Furcht (Programmer) vor 7 Jahren 10

Not really a bug nor particularly harmful. However, seeing how we can no longer disable the thing, keeping the activation status in seems like an odd (and possibly unintended) design choice.

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It is still valid, because it gets auto deactivated when vaults are full. The tooltip will show this.
I recommend scrapping this ticket.

its superfluous information and im pretty sure more users will see it as wrong behavior

I just wonder if people are confused when the gold vortex is inactive but the tooltip does not tell.
Maybe it would be better if it says "Vaults full" instead of "Inactive".

I agree with Jan - should remove it. One of the main use cases is the Gold Shrine anyway, and there it's not even needed as they drop it if the Vault is full.