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Barracks to small?!

Sonny Bos 7 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 7 years ago 13

so i have 2x barracks 11x11 and mindachous keeps telling me to build a bigger barracks before they start practising on eachother.. when i look the barracks is empty both of them

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can you tell me which mission you are playing?

Just now played 7 mission, Heath Attack. The game continues to tell me how small my barracks are. Even if they are, do we really need to tell about it all the time? Maybe they are small because I don't want too many gnarlings.

i was playing my own map, Hostile takeover.. however i also ran into this issue in another workshop map

It appears that the "barracks too small" alert will also play if one of your minions can not reach the barracks, i.e., when minions are locked in a room.

seems wierd with my minions all running free and 2 baracks on either side of the dungeon


ill send this through, as fireeye said it may be due to units not reaching the barracks if they want to.

we should probably get a new Soundfile for that case


Ohhh there seems to be a big difference between the characters "<" and ">" when placed in program code :P

(To translate my gibberish: the alert was accidentally always triggered when the Barracks was big enough and not when it was too small)