Rebelling units.

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Rebelling units attack other units and core. Attacked units do not respond in any way and get angry themselves. Eventually they also rebel which keeps going on until all creatures rebel and destroy the core.

Suggestion 1 : Rebel units change their faction, thus become targetable by your creatures.

Suggestion 2 : Rebel units try to leave your dungeon through portal, if they can't, they start slowly lose health while keep attacking everything and everyone. Eventually they just die out of ''hunger''.

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Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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Rebelling units becoming angry and attacking your other minions and your core is intended behaviour, however attacked units should fight back and kill the rebelling unit by defending themselves as per your suggestion #1.

Can you definitely confirm that your (still loyal) minions didn't fight back?

George Smith

I observed such behavior among bots.

If you have trouble replicating this here's the easy way :

Pick Small Map. Don't build Tavern & Slaugherpen. Soon your intelligent creatures will rebel and you will see how it all goes. Same may happen to bots, except AI doesn't bother dealing with this problem which will end up with all units rebelling.

Just so you know, rebelling units have the same color of shield as normal ones, thus are considered as allied/loyal by others. For such reason, units that are not rebelling can't fight back and end up being angry since they are constantly disturbed.

Jan - Eric Merzel
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can confirm sending through.

Stefan Furcht
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Stefan Furcht
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Stefan Furcht

Oh I forgot to answer the ticket.
So there was just a slight logical fail (a missing brace) in an ally-check which prevented other units from attacking rebelling units.

Now it works as intented, which is: A rebelling unit is allowed to deal the first hit, before it is demasked as an enemy. After the first of your units got any hit from the rebelling unit, every of your own units will fight back.
This is to make it look more interesting than just directly attacking a rebelling unit.
If the rebelling unit does not find other units to attack in view range, it will always try to find a gateway to leave your dungeon.