my game crashes all the time with crash report 2015-12-15_221100

Burghard Wolf 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 5

Hello Support Team,

my game crashes all the Time with crash report 2015-12-15_221100.

My game version is 1.3.0f17

Please can you help me?

Best regards

Game Version:
Steam Public

Hello Burghard,

before we look deeper into specfics, please check:

Did you look into the most common reasons the game could crash?

Also do you have the minimum required 4GB RAM?
Do you use a 32bit or 64bit Windows?

Otherwise we would need to take a look at your output_log file.


Hello, Support Team,

thx for your quick answer, my System is a windows 7 64 Bit with 32 GB RAM.

It works acually with all games without problems.

Best regards

Hello again,
does it mean you followed the suggestins in the link and you neither use a Wireless USB Headset/Headphones nor AVG Antivirus?

When does the game crash exactly? At start up or in the middle of a level?
Can you trigger the crash, (quit the game if still running) and upload your logs instantly as described here:



Rejected due to missing information