can't play bigger maps over LAN

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I can't play bigger maps (Ironbeard's Hold, Split Personalities) over LAN. While loading the map the client crashed to the main menu.

When I was the host my gf would crash to the main menu (slow animations). When she hosted the game, i crashed to the main menu (normal animations). But the Host could play alone.

We tried it without AI -> same problem
We tried a much smaller map (Abyss, Trinity) -> We were able to play
We tried Abyss with 1 AI

my pc:
Windows 10 64
i5-4460 CPU @3,2GHz
2x8 GB Ram

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

Game Version:
Steam Public

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#We tried Abyss Trinity with 1 AI -> we were able to play

Jan - Eric Merzel
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thats really odd, its the first LAN only issue we have encounetred so far.

due to your answer is it working now or are specific maps still not working on your end?

can you also please upload the logs from your gf and her PC specs?

also since you tried multiple times please describe what happened in the output log (as it gets overwritten every time you start the game) in your case it would be most important if you were the host or the client for said output log.

also please double check your anti-virus software and firewalls, if those somehow block your connection.


This sounds awfully familiar to the issues with 2v2 on larger maps.

The closest thing I have to a theory is that something in the netcode goes out of sync, but the client is unable to handle it. Although the host might also have some issues handling this, as I've seen at least one occasion where the host would start lagging severely after a client dropped. Although that lag could be related to the fact that my co-players core exploded and all his defenses etc had to be removed from the game.

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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