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Units may go through solid obstacles

ZzZombo 7 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 7 years ago 16
  • Occasionally units are able to go through doors regardless of their state (allied/enemy, open/closed).
  • I myself got glitched out in some room on the mission to destroy the wenches to draw the drawbridge. I possessed Archtron and flew to the last one and suddenly found myself locked in confined space. I was quite shocked and the only exit was through a door I think I somehow passed through (no enemy was there to open it for me).
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This is a known issue which will be fixed in next patch.
It is only happening on some siege doors in campaign level 13.

Well, one more thing I just checked again: there was no Siege Doors, only a Porticulus. I am speaking about this small room leading from the Empire lair to the winch. I actually managed by repeating my route again with Archon to glitch inside through the wall.

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Still C13 though. i will double check it

Managed to replicate after possessing an Archon and running myself into every wall. This is a result of the following:

  • Any unit with flying can pass a solid wall
  • This can only occur if the unit with flying is positioned above a chasm
  • I.E. the unit is attempting to push through the wall from the chasm side

Jan has confirmed this occurs on levels other than C13. Tested with Archon & Bafu (Both floating and flying affected)

See videos:

thanks for the report, even though the report was kinda misleading since we thought we already reported that one.

your clarification helped tremendously, thanks again its appreciated.


Nice find!
When a unit gets too near to an obstacle so it could penetrate it, we check if there is a reason to move it slightly away so it doesn't get stuck.
This method handles also any case where a unit is suddenly overlapping with a solid collider and tries to move it out to a valid location.
(This can happen for example if you place a room above units so that units get stuck in props, or simply when you lock a door while a unit is passing it and the move out method will move them out to a valid place)

However for flying or floating units over chasm this did utterly fail.
To make sure that a unit is not move to an invalid location and not sunken into ground, potential move out points were always positioned on ground height.

Well this was totally wrong for flying objects, because they aren't valid at ground height, but at the height they are flying.
In result all potential move out points were all colliding with the chasm (which is logically a collider with small height and blocks walking minions from passing it).
So the flying unit was considered as utterly stuck based on the wrong assumption it's walking on ground while it wasn't stuck at all.
So the routine to move it back to a valid location did only find collisions with chasm or the wall in every direction it could use and thus found only one way to "rescue" the unit to a valid place: which was behind the wall.

We made these move out checks based on the correct height an object is supposed to be (depending on if the unit is walking, floating or flying) which fixes the problem.

Thanks for pointing to this issue.


Glad to help you, guys!

I'm still getting this bug with the Siege Door at the end of campaign mission 7 (the one behind behind of which are the priestesses channeling the Aum). Some of my units attack the door, while other walk right through it and start to pummel the priestesses.

There were two different issues.
The one I fixed which is that units which are flying/floating above chasm could glitch through walls.
The one Nano fixed on campaign mission 13 where some siege doors were logically set to open (while siege doors have no visual open state, so they still look closed), so that units were logically allowed to pass.

Now this means that the latter isse is also present on the final siege door in campaign level 7, so it's logically open and the system allows units to pass.
I will poke Nano again so he can apply the same fix on the siege door in campaign level 7.

Alright I asked Nano and he had already fixed it but the fix is not yet in the internal build.
So don't worry it is fixed.