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Defenses not attacking and not being attacked either near Core - Undergames - Build V2.0.6f2

DiogenesCynicalDogo 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 11

Windows 7 64 bits

Ram: 8GB

CPU: Intel i3-4170 3.70GHz 2 Cores, 4 Logical Processors


Normal Mode and God Mode.

Volta 4 - Cornucopia

I decided to give Pathetic AI along with God Mode a try (at first) and after watching the...ehm...horror of 4 Nether Shrines in action i decided to make things faster and placed defenses close to the enemy cores, starting with Shale. Then something weird happened.

The defenses ignored the Cultists and other intelligent minions and only focused on the Core (those that could hit it at least) and the beasts, and not only that, the intelligent minions ALSO ignored the defenses back. This also applies to my own minions who also ignore and get ignored. And its not like Shale did not notice this since it placed 2 warbands on my defenses already, but the intelligent minions just move around not doing anything. You can even see some of them walking in front and IN the defenses without much of a scratch. When they do get damaged is when a Banshe of mine reach the enemy core and the explosion affects them.

On screenshot "Bombards not attacking 3 - Cultist not taking dmg" you will find one of many instances where the Bombard projectile HITS a Cultist that it has been ignoring when trying to hit another target like a beast or the core, but the projectile doesn't damage him and ALSO just fades away without creating the bullet explosion that usually results when hitting a target. After that i went after Mira and used Wells of Souls instead, and the results were the same. Not even the Area of effect seem to work and once again any damage they do get is from the Banshees instead.

I was told that this might be the effect of God Mode and creating traps and tiles at will instantly, and that playing normally should not produce these results, so i did it again on normal mode.....it didnt work as they expected.

The results were more or less the same. Went for Shale, made defenses behind their walls and after an eternity of digging the enemy Quartz same thing happened, even another instance of a projectile hitting and not doing damage. But it didnt stop there either. To my shock, some Intelligent Minions DID get shot and promptly dragged to my prison, but only on specific spots as seen on the screenshot marked in red circles. It seems that either the AI started working when minions come from the upper area with the Beast Den, and as soon they are in range they attack and i can attack them. Some even move forward in the direction of my traps from that point before they are defeated!

But other than that you can even see a Crackpot standing in the middle of my defenses and being completely healthy.

I provided 2 saves. The older is during God Mode, the newer is from Normal Mode and the output_log. Seems fairly easy to replicate without fail. Just...go ahead and put defenses near the cores and break the walls.

Bombards not attacking 4.jpg
Bombards not attacking 1.jpg
Bombards not attacking 2.jpg
Bombards not attacking 3 - Cultist not taki....jpg
Bombards not attacking 5.jpg
No God Mode Defense bug test 3.jpg
No God Mode Defense bug test 4.jpg
No God Mode Defense bug test 4B - This spot....jpg
No God Mode Defense bug test 5.jpg
No God Mode Defense bug test 6.jpg
No God Mode Defense bug test 1.jpg
No God Mode Defense bug test 2.jpg
No God Mode Defense bug test 7.jpg

4 bonus round cornucopia_20190421113048
4 bonus round cornucopia_20190421181855
4 bonus round cornucopia_20190421113048.meta
4 bonus round cornucopia_20190421181855.meta

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I have good and bad news.
Good: We were able to find and fix the issue, the units around the core were "disabled" after being knocked out until brought back to the lair and healed slightly and if the game was saved in this process it left these never fighting units behind after load.
Bad: The issue is now serialized in your save game and thus your save game will remain to be bugged, but on newly started maps/levels it wont happen.

Thank you for reporting this issue.

Completed - Next Patch

Oh, it was after saving and loading that the bug was created? I guess it is, but i recall the second time doing this (the save without god mode) and went straight to it without saving until i hit the wall, and i dont recall any intelligent minions fights (beyond the flying beasts trying to attack my defenses behind the walls) that could have been knocked out before saving. I saved when the bug happened, not before, and i usually reload to see if a bug is still there and it was.

I dunno, its weird. But thank you for fixing it. And if it shows up i will try to be more helpful next time.

This is already a fairly good ticket, cheers for the report

Also we wont be working on this patch for much longer so soon your tickets will likely be mothballed until the next time we are working on WFTO improvements

Completed - Resolved