multiplayer dysnc - suspect memory leak

SnugSnug 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 5

Output_log.txt Host.

.Output_Log.txt client Client.
Hosted a game using LAN setting via private/password.  2ppl team co-op vs 2 independent ai (easy i think). After about the 1 hour point game started to have regular slow downs and long pauses while client computer had no issues (to begin with) but as the pauses got longer for the  host the client started to notice slow downs and issues as well. Game finally ground to a halt around 83 minutes. By this point it was 2 player vz 1 ai.  Both computers were unresponsive alt f4/ ctrl alt del/ window key/ alt tab/ shift tab... and both computers needed hard restarts.

Both pc had games set to 80% speed in in-game settings. Only mutator in use was 5 gold per second.

Both pc had seperate steam account. Host base game + undergames dlc. Client Base game only. Both pc had recieved latest patch before game start.

Will try lowering graphics settings, verify cahe and repairing bundled dependencies.

Host: Win 10 64bit, i7-4790k, 8gb ram, gtx 970 4gb, 7.2k rpm hdd
client: win10 64bit, i7-3770k, 8gb ram, gtx 1060 3gb, 7.2krpm hdd
Router, fast ethernet switch 10/100/1000 running at 1000, cat 6 cable.
Game Version:
Steam Public

Game version: v2.0.6f2

Marked for Review

Hi SnugSnug,

Sorry to hear you faced such troubles whilst playing a multiplayer match on LAN.

Thanks for the detailed reports and logs. We will look into these and see if there are any standout issues we can identify.

I'll pass this on to our QA Analyst to review when he does the next pass through these tickets.




Tried another map, same specs as above. Changed in-game settings back to defaults, (medium texture, no occlusion) and re-verified game.

3 player 2ppl vs medium ai (voltar) offical map Blood Hazard 125x125. Game started to slow just after the hour mark and "game being slowed due to network" message appeared shortly after and remained until the end. The game didn't actually freeze or stutter this time and if there was any rubber banding it wasn't noticeable but the narrator audio cues were absent/sporadic. Game finished around 74min mark and successfully exited to post game splash screen.

Unfortunately log got overwritten, thought i'd copied it.  


Updating this ticket to reflect that is currently pending our next triage pass. (Our programmers are currently heads down on other projects and we're trying to slot in some time for WFTO after upcoming major milestones in early 2019)


Duplicate ticket, will be fixed