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Minor: Notification spam on threshold satisfaction

Rudolph Reindeer 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 11 1 duplicate


Any chance a cooldown-timer could be added to notification alerts on minion dissatisfaction? Currently if a minion is at the (guessing, since I can't reliably reproduce) threshold and cycle between Unhappy and Content, it produces alerts that cycle every second and quickly fill the notification bar, making it unusable since all you see is a single minion throwing a tantrum.

I cannot reliably reproduce this, but guessing that with a proper debug tool you can reproduce it by placing a minion at the tipping point of dissatisfaction. It will then swap between each state every 0.5 seconds or so, producing an alert every time the minion swaps to Unhappy.

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Hi Emperat,

I'll mark this for review by our QA Analyst when we come around to another triage pass. At a guess the Happiness metric is related to but not 1:1 with need fulfillment, it takes time for units to become happy and unhappy once their needs are filled/unfulfilled.

As such if a unit is caught at the border between happy and unhappy its possible they trigger the alert.



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Hi Rudolph,

Thanks for the report. We'll have a look into it. I'm not sure of the scope for a fix to this as it's quite a minor issue and our code team is primarly devoted to our next project right now.

We''ll review it when we get a moment and if we can replicate and the solution simple we may be able to deploy this in patch further down the line.




Updating the status of this ticket to appropriately reflect that it is pending Triage. :)

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