Workers fortifying walls and leaving traps unbuilt

Steven Van Den Heuvel 7 年 前 更新人: Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 7 年 前 2

Traps are not built as a priority over fortification

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Steam Public

Defense construction always has a higher priority over Fortifying UNLESS you dropped a worker on a tile to manually assign him a task, in which case it looks for the nearest task and does that task as it's main focus, even continuing that same task multiple times (fortifying more than 1 wall). Chances are you dropped the worker next to a wall (closer to the wall than it was to the defense blueprint) and he assumed you wanted it fortified rather than the defense built.

Whilst a little annoying for you in this instance, this is intended behaviour so isn't a bug.

Another point is that workers always finish a task (if not interrupted) before looking for a new one.
When there is a moment where workers do not find any other task than to fortify walls,
they will start to fortify a wall and will finish this task (which takes some time),
even if other tasks get available after they started.
But this doesn't mean they prioritize fortifying walls.

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