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quick freeze and lightning bolt

Sonny Bos 7 years ago updated by [Dev] Nanorock (Programmer) 7 years ago 13

now this one is easy to replicate so i assume i dont have to throw in screens and whatnot.. during my match with bohze onkelz i ran into the issue that at some point he threw in a quick freeze.. i was lightning bolting any straglers that dared venture outside the battle and this is when i noticed i could cast a 100 lightning bolts without using mana.. and the visuals were of the chart.. now it seems logical to me that visuals to this degree can cause lag.. perhaps its better to make minions under the effect of quick freeze untargetable by spels

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ill have a look. can i ask if you were the client or the host?

client.. i cant host games.. bohser onkels was the host

I can give you the output logs.
It was the Lag related ligthing issue, where you saw (as client) the ghost units, where you can cast lighting on them without any mana lose.

The Quick Freeze Bug, was that one which blocked the way permanently

output_log - Host AzureDraco.txt

output_log - Client AzureDraco.txt

no the quick freeze didnt block permently it was temporary but that lag spike was awefull lol


this sounds like a lag issue to me then. that the VFX plays but no mana is substracted only shows that logically lightning is not cast. I wish i could give you a Solution to the lags, but sadly i cant.

well the solution and lag reducing way here would be minions in quickfreeze cant be targeted by lightning.. saves your framerate


to be frank, now after testing this again i see the issue. That you do not use mana is a lag issue but you should not be able to harm them with lightning in QF at all.

im sending this through.


to make this a little clearer @coders.
The issue is that you can cast lightning on units under the QF effect which should not be possible. Units should be completely invulnerable until the effect ends.