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Colossus Getting Stuck Too Easily To Everything

enkerzan 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 5 years ago 12

This bug is making the Undergames unbalanced with/against Kasita. The colossus is getting stuck to walls like someone coated him in industrial adhesive. Plus his pathing is wonky, he keeps trying to walk through narrow spaces that literally nothing else could fit through.

VERSION: 2.0f9


Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

64 Gigs RAM

Octocore I-7 6700k 4.00Ghtz

nVidia GTX 1080 8-gig

Game Version:
Steam Public
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Hi Enkerzan,

Thanks for this report and apologies for the delay in our review. I've marked this as a ticket that needs to be looked at by our QA Analyst. In the meantime if you could provide additional information on how we can replicate this issue that would be fantastic. Screenshots or a video in particular would be incredibly useful.



Cornucopia and Meat Maker are the easiest maps to spot that on. Rallying the Colossus through a chasm is the worst, it doesn't even try to go around the pillars it just treadmills in place once it hits one. There are a particular set of pillars of 3 by Kasita's base in a chasm where it gets itself stuck completely and the only way to get it out is to recall it. But every time I had to fight Kasita, it was a cake walk even on Master difficulty because her Colossus was always stuck somewhere and she couldn't use it.

If I play it again I can try and get you a SS, but I cannot record videos because all I ever get is black screen.

Pending Customer

I've been unable to replicate this, do you have a save file that contains this issue

This bug is related to the bug reported of Cornucopia freaking out after long duration of play. I only managed to get it to happen twice. Save Files apparently didn't work otherwise you would have seen it there as well. Because when you save/load it fixes itself temporarily til you let the game go for a long duration.

Ouch, yeah that's it right there. If you were lucky to get him passed the islands, he would just get stuck on the pillars further out.


It seems like things are not like they look.
When I load the save game I find not cleaned up Banshee projectiles, which are blocking the Colossus from moving.

Not sure if this is still happening in the internal version, but seems what did happen is, that every exploded Banshee left an invisible obstacle behind which should have just been blown up when it detonated, but this unintended remaining blocks the movement of the Colossus (or any other unit trying to get past).

We need to find out how Banshees could leak such weird left overs that are physically blocking minions.